Bardia National Park

Bardia national park is located at the south western part of Nepal and covers 967 square kilometers of an area which is the largest national park in Nepal. Formerly the hunting reserve for the royals; now is the wildlife reserve and prime tourist destination for the experience of wilderness at its best. Connected to major transportation links, it has been easier for visitors to explore and witness the wild beauty of nature in Bardia.

Unlike chitwan national park, you will come one step more closer to wild nature and immerse yourself completely in its beauty. The beautiful dense forests, rivers and whole ecosystem is the home of wide number of flora and fauna. The wide number of endangered species likes Tiger, one horned rhinoceros, crocodiles, swamp deers and even the friendly dolphin. Get involved in the plenty of exciting activities like Jungle walks, Elephant safari, bird watching, jungle jeep drive, canoeing trips, fishing, cultural shows in the evening and plenty more exciting activities.

If you are true nature lover and wildlife enthusiast then visit to Bardia National Park is the must for you. Join with BUNA treks and get the unforgettable jungle experience in Nepal.


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