Rudra Jung Adhikari

BUNA Treks & Expeditions run and managed by a professional team of dedicated staff with their invaluable experience and expertise are rated very highly by our clients on an adventure, leisure tour and cultural holidays.

Our expert guides and staffs are well versed in Eco-Tourism, Culture / Tradition and Wilderness Medical Course and in saving the surrounding pristine environment from destructions, and as well taking care of the unwanted litter by bringing it back to Kathmandu or to nearest disposal designated dumping sites.

Our staffs go through medical training yearly to update their knowledge in medical and ‘First Aid’ know-how with highly qualified certified from various medical institutions, and as well experience to tackle high altitude sickness AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) and other related medical problem, in case of accident and emergency situations our dedicated team of staff and guides can cope with all types of situation if arise efficiently and professional manner.

The warm and friendly care and hospitality provided to all our clients which makes them feels safe and secure and at ease in all our enjoyable leisure holidays and adventure destinations.

While travelling with Buna Treks and Expeditions our staff provides with immense in-depth information of the areas of travel regarding culture, religion, history and from flora to fauna including more as per your keen interest.

Besides providing excellent knowledge of the country to our clients, we are equally committed in giving back from what we earn to the needy rural villages, with full help and support to uplift the life of the villagers with hygiene, safe and clean drinking water supply, maintaining trekking trails, building schools and providing education materials to the children, and as well offering information in responsible tourism with awareness programs to protect the healthy and unspoiled, undisturbed natural green surroundings.

When you join as our valuable guests and will depart as a friend and feeling glad that you enjoyed the money worth of holidays and with fond memories of amazing times in and around Nepal Himalaya with great services of BUNA Treks & Expeditions and its team of loyal staff and expert guides.